Mary L Fischer

Born in Italy, 1991, raised in Italy and subsequently in Germany

German citizen and resident





2017 – 2012   Student at Oberlin College, BA in Creative Writing

2015 – 2014   Year of Independent Study and work in Berlin, Germany

2012 – 2011   Enrolled for Law at the Albert-Ludwigsuniversitaet in Freiburg, Germany

2010 – 2008   International Baccalaureate at the International School Stuttgart, Germany



2017 The Memory Archive – choreographer and participant in multi-media installation at Bosworth Hall, Oberlin, Ohio, US

2016 Art-walk at Oberlin College, OH – performance and multi-channel video and audio installations

2016 CONTACT-JAMBOREE – group exhibit at Baron Galerie, Oberlin, Ohio, US

2016 ART-EF(F)ACTS – curator, director and producer of self-initiated exhibit in Berlin, Germany

2015 ZERSTOERT – participant and assistant director of immersive exhibit and clubbing experience in Berlin, Germany, under the artistic direction of Linus Ignatius and Zoey Lee

2014 TANGERINE DREAM – co-director and producer of senior theatre capstone of Arif Silverman, Oberlin Ohio

2014 HOUSE – immersive theatre project in Frank Lloyd Wright House, Oberlin OH under the direction of Linus Ignatius 

2008/2009 Jugendclub der Jungen Oper Stuttgart – experimental music theatre group


Present – 2013 concert sound employee and bar attendant for the Student Union, Oberlin, OH and assistant of poet and translator Kazim Ali, Oberlin, OH

Present – 2015 contributor for THE COMMISSION MAGAZINE, London-based online magazine

2015   translator for Ogino Knauss, artistic research collective, Berlin, Germany

2014 – four months employee of Theater der Kleinen Form, children’s theatre, Berlin, Germany

2014 – 2013   Concert Sound employee and bar attendant for the Student Union, Oberlin, OH

present – 2013   host of five radio shows for WOBC free-form live broadcasting radio station, Oberlin, OH, US, currently additional worgroup chair 

2013 – 2012 contributor for Fearless and Loathing, student-run magazine Oberlin, OH, US

2011 – two month internship at Teamworx, Film Production, Berlin, Germany

2010 – four month internship at JES (Junges Ensemble Stuttgart), Stuttgart, Germany



Fluent in German, English, French and Italian

ADOBE Premiere


Basics in ADOBE Photoshop and Lightroom

Contributor to various publications

Sound recording and live sound set up

Basic knitting, sowing, wood working skills

Basics in piano and violin playing as well as singing